Thursday, November 4, 2010


Yes, there has been some progress. Only a bit though. I know you love it when I make bullet points, so here you go:

  • Most importantly, I fixed up a few things thanks to issues pointed out by users. Thanks mikkelin, Fahri, dabski, and anyone else that I might have forgotten!
  • Updated to the latest Box2D SVN r141 -- there were some changes upstream, including:
    • A new RopeJoint (maximum distance constraint)
    • Allocator, joint and some other fixes and improvements
  • Working b2LoopShapes -- featuring smooth collision both inside and out (you can see these in the character collision test)
  • Added the rope joint test
  • PyQt4 framework fixes
    • Some properties are changeable now (*)
    • Fixed updated circle radii between calls
  • Epydoc documentation for the 2.1 branch was generated by using the Doxygen documentation for the C++ side (which, although it is included in the SVN, is usually not at all necessary for pybox2d users).
  • An up-to-date version of the compiled library is included on the SVN
    • It's here. For those of you who would like to help test, is this convenient enough? Or is it "give me an archive or test the damn thing yourself"? :)
I think it's almost time that the trunk from early last year to be finally overwritten. I don't think there are too many project requirements with the old library anymore. Thoughts?

(*) Any idea how to properly size a QListWidget in a QTreeWidget cell? I think sizing widgets appropriately is what most frustrates me about Qt.