Friday, March 6, 2009

Project spotlight: Mekanimo

Mekanimo is a 2D physics simulator. In minutes, you can create simulations, interactive games and puzzles, dazzling graphics and share them with others through the Internet.
Mekanimo really surprised me with its professional-looking user interface. It allows for the creation of worlds with customizable scripting, various plots, and so many other things. I enjoyed trying out the exhibits like the marble pump, which require you to copy and paste the code into Mekanimo for now -- I think the author Fahri has been putting much more into the application itself than its website.

It's still got a ways to go and unfortunately is (for now?) closed source, but keep an eye on it. I expect it to turn into a really nice and polished learning/design tool some day.


  1. Very cool indeed ;)

    I have been working on the first Beta release. Some major additions:

    * It will have GUI for sprites/textures and sound.

    * Behavior creation with GUI. These are condition -> action tuples. You will be able to create simple games without writing any code. Mekanimo will generate the code automatically.

    * Now most of the pyBox2D bindings will be supported through the GUI. The ones without GUI interface can be changed with code.

    * Example games.

    * Many bug fixes.

    * And more.

    I'am planning a Linux version after the Beta.