Friday, October 1, 2010

Not quite what you were hoping for, but...

Recently, I haven't had much time to work on pybox2d. And when I say 'not much', I mean just about zero.

In any case, I know that there are probably a couple people out there that are anxious to try the new version but don't want to go through installing SWIG, compiling, etc. It's a pain, I realize.

The other day Fahri, creator of Mekanimo --- the only commercial product to use pybox2d that I know of -- asked me if I had a binary he could test of the new branch. I threw a simple Python 2.6 (win32) package together, and thought that the rest of you might like to give it a go also.

The library itself is contained in the archive, so there's no need to install it. The redesigned testbed examples are in there, and you can experiment with the new syntax to your heart's content. For any of the tests, simply run: python . You can also specify the (incomplete) pyglet or pyqt4 back-ends with: python --backend pyglet or '--backend pyqt4' for example.

I only ask that if you give it a try, please at least run python and see if you get any errors. Also, please note that this is alpha-quality and does not have much documentation.

Download here.


  1. Hi kne,

    With Python 2.7 I get an ImportError. Downgrading to 2.6 I managed to run the without any problems.

    I'm liking the one sided platform example, its simple and works quite well, this will definitely be of use in any platform game. Modifying the line 67 to:
    if (self.character.body.position.y - 0.49) <
    completely removed the popping feeling from the character being pulled through which is undesirable in a platformer.

    The best addition or at least what I am looking most forward to has got to be these edge shapes or as I call them double sided lines. Once this new branch is released I'll definitely use these in place of edge chains.

    Once again keep up the good work and keep those binarys coming like you said installing SWIG and compiling is a pain :D

  2. Hi dabski,

    Somehow I didn't get a notice of your message -- so, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for trying it out.

    For at least the near future, I'm going to keep a current compiled version for Python 2.6 (win32) on the svn. Not sure whether or not I'll continue to do that, though.

    I upgraded the source to the latest Box2D version (with the rope joint and loop shapes working), and have doxygen+swig-comment generation in my build process now, ... but I'll make another post about that soon.

    I also like your fix for the one sided platform. Will be included in the next commit. :)