Saturday, February 26, 2011

2.1 on the move?


So, I've moved the 2.1 branch into the trunk. I've also spent more than half my Saturday fixing and writing documentation.

Here's the 2.1 manual on the wiki! If you have some time, please read through it. It's a lot of work -- hopefully someone will appreciate it. :)

I also re-uploaded the 2.0.2 bugs-n-stuff that were on the Box2D wiki, here. A couple of other wiki entries got updated, too. Notice anything strange? Please do let me know.

There's a few changes upstream that I'll get around to including soon, but I'm a bit burnt out after the above. Nothing huge, though.

Warm wishes,



  1. Great job on what you're doing.

    I'm working on a project that was previously using 2.0.2 and banging my head against the wall on a problem that the newer version of Box2D would easily solve... and almost as if on cue, you released this version.

    So far so good. I love the new kwargs-style creation (it fits everything else I'm doing very nicely).

    I'm getting a random crash now inside of Box2D that I'm trying to track down, but I'll try to give you more feedback as I go.

  2. Hi Nall-ohki,

    I'm glad you like the changes!

    If you can't find out the cause of that crash, let me know and I'll try to look into it. If you figure it out, please do share, too. :)