Sunday, September 14, 2008

pybox2d svn r60

fluiDemo from Blaze My UFOCatcher Test 

svn r60 changelog:
b2PolygonShape: getNormals_b2Vec2, getNormals_tuple added added.

fluiDemo: Port of Blaze's fluid physics. Too slow in Python to be used in a game. More of a proof of concept. Mostly works, some kinks still there though.

UFOCatcher: Sprites working with Rabbyt, looks pretty but the grip is still not great.

Both require a copy of the data/pgu directories from trunk/testbed to work.

GetNormals() for b2PolygonShape was previously not wrapped, so it was inaccessible from Python. There was always box2d.b2Dot() available for use, but having it built into the b2Vec2 is perhaps more convenient: dotproduct = instead of dotproduct = box2d.b2Dot(vec1, vec2).

The fluiDemo, ported from Blaze, is pretty fun to play with. Hopefully the last few bugs can be squashed. I'm sure it'll end up in Box2D itself eventually, at which point we'll be able to use it at full speed! It's just a proof of concept, really, or an extra example of how to use pybox2d.

As far as using Rabbyt for the UFOCatcher game/test, I didn't want to really add another dependency, but it was just too pretty to pass up. If I can find out a good way to get the grip joints working, maybe I'll make an actual little game out of it. I'd like to port it to the XO, but that'll require not using Rabbyt or OpenGL.

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